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  • Sumudu am 2014-Jan-04 14:50:55 schrieb Sumudu:

    I studied in Taiwan for one year and totllay agree! When I studied Chinese in the library, a bunch of Taiwanese just came to take their nap there. Of course I also took a picture of it. So funny: One line of sleeping Taiwanese students. After a few weeks of resistance I tried this phenomenon by myself so called field studies ;0). First it happened accidentally on the MRT. 45minutes from Taipei city to Danshuei and when I woke up and looked around, I realised that no one was laughing or taking pictures of me! So it became a habit :0) The only people who were laughing about me: My German friends who came to visit me in Taiwan after a while. Therefore, I suggest everyone to give it a try. During your studies it is refreshing and on the MRT it brings you faster to your destination ;0) Fortunately Danshuei was the final station though It is hard to abandon this habit when your back in your country so be careful!


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